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Workforce Relief Fund

Workforce Housing Relief Fund.

Donating to Housing Relief

The Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Cape Cod (HBRACC) partnered with Housing Assistance Corporation (HAC) to support their Workforce Housing Relief Fund, which was established to help Cape Codders impacted by COVID-19.

HBRACC hopes to help drive awareness and raise money, which will go directly towards rent or mortgage payments to help individuals and families in need stay housed.

Brian Dacey, CEO of Bayside Building in Centerville, said that the Cape Cod building community was fortunate enough not to be shut down in March, and has continued to operate throughout the pandemic. “We were thankful and we wanted to give back,” says Dacey, who was the first to cut a check that helped inspire peers. “That led Tony Shepley [of Shepley Wood Products] to call the Home Builders Association to get other people involved.”

In the first day alone, HBRACC Executive Director Chris Flanagan said more than $17,000 was raised. Today, he said, at least 50 HBRACC members have supported the relief fund, and the total has since passed $100,000, which includes $20,000 from member Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod.

“It is critical that we keep people in their homes, as that is the foundation of their families and their lives,” says Tony Shepley. “We have a real opportunity to show our community leadership by banding together as an industry to help finance the fund.”

HAC CEO Alisa Magnotta says this effort is a perfect example of synergy among like-minded agencies. “Any time you have two aligned groups that can come together like this, we’re stronger together,” she says.

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